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15 January 2012 @ 03:55 am
Crossroads Chapter 2  
Title: Crossroads
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Characters/Pairing: Edmund/Caspian
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.
Summary: A rebellious Edmund gets sent to a reform school after messing up a few too many times in his life.
When Edmund meets Caspian, a boy in the school who can get his hands on anything outside the gates of the school, everything becomes a lot more interesting for Edmund. 

Rating: R
Word count: 3,518 (More to come soon)
Author's notes: I finally got it written and I hope everyone likes it! :)

Chapter 2: Allies

What the fuck did I get myself into? Edmund thought to himself once he got back to his room. Algebra was bloody difficult for him and now he was going to have to do Caspian's. Edmund hates that he didn't tell Caspian 'fuck no give me what I need' like he would have anyone else. It was like Edmund was a weakling when it came to Caspian. He felt like if Caspian would have told him to jump into the pull with all his clothes on he would have. Edmund understood why, Caspian's was without a doubt the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. Edmund just hates he was being such a push over now. He's never s a push over! He's the one who makes other people become push over's. He's the one who will give a bloke a black eye if he didn't do what he wanted, but, with Caspian, he's like a puppy dog willing to do whatever Caspian wanted. Edmund didn't know what he was going to do. He had no choice but to do the homework now, because he's nothing if not a man of his word. After that though, Edmund wasn't going to do anything that he didn't want to do. Edmund opened up the folder the guard gave him and began reading the rules again.

"No fighting."
Well, I know I'm going to end up breaking that rule.
Edmund was a fair fighter, and if someone pissed him off, or didn't give him what he wanted, he wasn't afraid to lay one into someone.

"No disrespecting the teachers."
Yup, I'll probably end up breaking that one to.
Edmund took pride in disrespecting teachers. He's parents had gotten called in many times because of it. In Edmund eyes though, if the teacher was down right bastard, (Which they tend to be) He'll say whatever the fuck he likes.

"Lights out by 10 on school nights."
I don't even go to sleep till midnight.
Edmund didn't see how they would stop him from staying up late.

"No sneaking out after curfew."
Yeah, so far I'm going to break every rule.
Edmund could already see himself sneaking out when he was bored enough, the problem was though were the fucking cameras. He would have to ask Caspian if the cameras had blind spots.

"Do not leave the school grounds, if you attempt, you will get caught, and you will be severely punished."
Yeah we'll see about that you fucks.
Edmund wanted to see if he could ditch the grounds, he was sure there had to be somewhere worth going. The 'wills' in the sentence only mad him want to do it more. He loved a challenge.

"No consumption of Drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. If caught with any of these possessions you will be severely punished."
Definitely breaking that rule.
Edmund knew he wasn't the only one breaking this rule, Caspian acted like he got requests for these things all the time.

"No thievery, no cheating, and no forcing others to do your work."
I will do all of those things if I like thank you very much.
Edmund didn't steel a lot, only once or twice in his life, but if he found something worth steeling he may do it. He's never cheated, only because it made you look like a bloody idiot. He would force others to do his homework; he planed on doing that before he came here, and if Caspian could do it…so could he. It's not that Edmund isn't smart, he knows things, he's a lot smarter then people give him credit for, it's just…he doesn't like to do the hard work, not when he can have other people do it for him.

"If you break any of these rules you will be punished according to the rule you broke."
Blah, Blah, Blah, you'll throw me in detention.
Edmund was positive that's all they would do, he didn't care how scary these arse holes tried to make themselves sounds. It's not like they could hold him some sort of prison cell.

Edmund groaned and stuffed the rules into an empty drawer in his desk. He would never look at it again, hell; maybe even pretend he never saw it. Edmund opened his schedule and map and tried to learn everything about the grounds. Half way through it though he got distracted, he began circling area's on the map where he knew there were cameras. He thought it would help him later if he did. So far he had 20 circled when a knock came at his door. Edmund dropped his pen. Who in the hell? Edmund wondered as he stood and walked to the door. He pulled the door open and saw James; at first he's confused, wondering how this cocky looking guy knew his room number. James eyes lit up with a huge grin, one that said he was relived to see him.
"Um…James. Hey." Edmund greeted him awkwardly because hot or not he didn't know James.
"Thank God, I was told this was your room number and I wasn't sure if my friend was fucking around with me."
James laughed and Edmund wondered who 'his friend' was and how in the living hell did he know where Edmund stayed?
"Your friend knows my room number?" Edmund asked curiously and James shrugged.
"Technically, he's not my friend, he's Caspian." James said with an awkward laugh. Edmund's heart began to pick up pace once he heard his name, and his heart rate increased when he realized Caspian knew where he was staying. He couldn't help but imagine Caspian breaking into his room late at night and having his way with him.
"Ah, should have known, that guy is-
"A fucking genius, I honestly don't understand how he does it." James said with a smile but for some odd reason he said it dully. Even though James said it dully Edmund couldn't help but wonder how Caspian did all these things. It was a pretty amazing thing if you stopped to think about it.
"So um…why did you come looking for me?" Edmund asked curiously because clearly James wanted him for something.
"No reason, just wondering if you wanted to come eat dinner with me and my friends." James said if he knew Edmund would say yes. That gave Edmund half a mind to turn him down, but, he didn't have anyone else to sit with.
"Um sure. I've got no where else to be." Edmund said with a slight smile.
"Great, you want go head down there now?" James asked and gestured toward the stairs with his thumb. Edmund didn't think it had been three hours already but it must have been.
"Sure." Edmund said and closed the door behind him as he stepped out the door. As Edmund began walking to the first set of stars with James he got a bit curious.
"So, where you from?" James asked curiously.
"Winchester." Edmund answered.
"Nice, been there a few times, it's a bit creepy with all the medieval stuff there though." James said and Edmund chuckled darkly as they began walking down the first set of stairs, James walking in front of him.
"That's where all the fun stuff happens, James." Edmund said with a smirk at him and James laughed.
"Really? How?" He asked with glance over his shoulder.
"Kids hang out at all the grave yards, castles, woods, and party there. Makes things more interesting." Edmund said and James chuckled.
"Sounds creepy, in a good way though, I only end up partying in Pubs." James said and Edmund looked at him.
"Where you from?"
He asked curiously once they reached the second floor and began walking beside each other.
"York." James answered quickly and Edmund let out a laugh, York was like pub city.
"I can see why, pubs are every where in York." Edmund said and James laughed.
"I know, I've been in pubs since I was like 13." He said with enthusiasm and Edmund thought that was pretty impressive.
"How the fuck did you get in?" Edmund asked and James smirked as they reached the second case of stairs.
"Let's just say I knew all the people mothers warn you to stay away from." James said and Edmund laughed, he could say that about himself…almost.
"Why the laugh?" James asked with a somewhat laugh and stopped on the last step to look up at Edmund who smirked almost evilly.
"It's just," Edmund paused and then laughed because he was positive what he was about to say was true; "I am the person mothers warn you about." Edmund may have been smiling but he was dead serious. He had done anything and everything you're not supposed to do as a teenager. At his old school he had a rep for being the 'bad boy' in school. He had a gang and everything. He ruled the school. Some people like to think it's the popular people, but in reality it's the darker people you don't want to be seen with. For example, the popular people came to him for drugs. They came to him for booze. And sometimes the secret gay kids came to him for a good shag and if Edmund like them he'd go for it.
"Trust me, you're not the only one in this school that is." It was a playful warning, but a warning nonetheless. They began walking down the hall and through the lobby.
"Is Caspian one of those guys?"
Edmund tried to ask if he wasn't' really interested but knew he most likely failed. James laughed as he pushed the door open that led them outside.
"Yes. Not to mention he also thinks he runs this school," James sighed and looked over at Edmund, "Sad fact, he does."
Edmund found this odd; shouldn't everyone love Caspian since he fucking got things they weren't supposed to have? Hell shouldn't Caspian be adored? They were outside now, following a somewhat large card heading to the cafeteria. It was raining slightly and Edmund wished he could spot Caspian in this crowd.
"You don't like him?" Edmund asked and James quickly shook his head.
"No, he's a good bloke, man of his word, but I just don't like that he is the only one who has pull in this school." James explained.
"And what you want pull? You want to be the one who takes peoples request all day?" Edmund asked with a laugh because if he didn't it would come off as pissed off as he felt. He didn't know why but James talking about Caspian like this made him want to hit him.
"No. Not necessarily, I just want power in this school. He doesn't have to be the only one with it." James answered with a simple shrug. Oh course you fucking want to be better them him. Bastard. Edmund thought bitterly. He had no clue who he could feel so harshly toward James, he didn't even know Caspian. Regardless, he couldn't help but feel angry.

Once they reached the huge cafeteria Edmund really got a sense of how many boys went to this school. It was packed with teenagers dressed in black. It was like a sea of hot guys but all Edmund could focus on was looking for Caspian. Somehow he and James had slipped into pleasant conversion about some friends of James. Honesty, Edmund stopped giving a damn about James since he made his power mad feelings toward Caspian known. It wasn't until they were in line for food that Edmund got a moment to himself.

"Shit. I've got to call my Mum real quick, be right back, Ed."
James said and gave him a light smack on the back. Ed? Had I fucking told him he could call me Ed? Fuck no! Edmund thought with fury. He did not like James anymore. Not one bit. When he got back he may say it. When he got his food (Two slices pizza) he went over to the fridge where they had wide variety of Soda. He had to wait in line but not for long. Once he got his hand on the handle though he almost dropped the tray in his other hand because of the voice he heard.
"Hey, Edmund."
He may have only heard his voice once, but since he had, it had been the voice he couldn't get out of his head.
"Caspian." Edmund said and but it came out as a gasp when he turned around since he almost dropped his tray, Caspian quickly caught it though and laughed. Edmund felt so embraced, since when does he get so flustered and weak in the knees over a guy?
Caspian somehow looked sexy with clothes on, he had a button up shirt on but he didn't have the first three buttons done at all, making his chest partly visible. It was like Edmund was being teased, it made him want to pull the shirt off Caspian.
"Didn't mean to scare you like that, sorry." Caspian said and handed the blue tray back to Edmund.
"You didn't scare me you just…surprised me." Edmund said and Caspian gave him a sly smirk, it made his heart skip a beat.
"What are you doing?" Caspian asked him curiosity.
"Getting a soda." Edmund said obviously and Caspian gave a slight laugh.
"I can see that, but I meant…what are you doing talking to James Leighton?" Caspian asked him seriously, Edmund bit his lip for a second because he honestly didn't know the answer. He didn't like James. Not anymore. Why keep talking to him?
"You don't know." Caspian stated mater of factually but with a smile.
"Look, it's my fault; forgive me for sending him your way." Caspian said and Edmund looked at him curiously. It was clear Caspian didn't like James, then why give him Edmund's room number?
"Then why did you-
"The guy is fucking coward didn't think he'd actually have the balls to make a move." Caspian cut Edmund off with a laugh.
"Make a move?" Edmund asked with confusion, he didn't think James was gay, not at all, especially when he slapped him on the back like some long time mate.
"He's gay?" Edmund asked and Caspian nodded.
"One of the few that is honest about it." He said simply and looked toward the door.
"Look, you want to come eat with me? Better then eating with his dicks for friends." Caspian was saying this like he asked people to come eat with him all the time, like it was natural, so Edmund nodded.
"Brilliant, drop that tray somewhere so we can ditch James." Caspian said and was already heading for the door. Edmund quickly set his tray down on a table near by and had to run a bit to catch up with Caspian.
"They wont' care if we don't eat?" Edmund asked, meaning the people who ran this place, Caspian looked over at him, a gleam of wickedness in his eyes that made Edmund's heart pound frantically.
"They don't give a damn, it's eat here or don't' eat at all." Caspian explained as they now walked into the hall filled with some guards. Caspian leaned toward his hear as they walked and Edmund felt shiver's run up his arms when he said, "They don't know about me, though." His voice took Edmund's breath away but he tried not show it as they walked outside.

Caspian lived in the first room, on the first floor, when they got there he opened the door. Edmund's jaw dropped. His room was much more luxurious then it should be. Posters of rock bands hung on the wall, a laptop with the internet clearly on was on his desk, a large mini fridge set by his closet, a microwave was on the desk as well, a red electric guitar set standing up by his bed, a stereo system set on top of his dresser and his bed was defiantly larger and more comfortable the Edmund's ever would be.
Was the first word that fell out of his mouth because he was so stunned. Caspian just chuckled as he opened the fridge.
"Stop gaping and get in here." He said jokingly and Edmund finally moved his feet through the door way.
"Close the door, please." Caspian added as he pulled out two beer bottles, Edmund quickly closed it. He was flabbergasted as he wondered how Caspian got to keep all of this without getting caught.
"How in the hell do you-
"Money, Edmund. It will take you far." Caspian cut him off and handed him his now open beer. Edmund took it as he stared starry-eyed at Caspian who waltz over to his computer and typed in something. Money? Was Caspian rich? Is that how he got his hands on everything?
"You're rich?" Edmund asked then took his first sip of the beer which was much better then he thought it would taste. He didn't know why he was surprised, Caspian clearly got the best of things. Caspian chuckled and typed in one last thing, a movie began playing, Edmund wasn't sure what one yet. He turned around and smiled at Edmund.
"I am now. Before I only had a few thousand dollars I had set a side from my father, now, I have my own money." He smirked and two a sip of his beer.
"How? I mean…no one pays you for these things." Edmund said and Caspian laughed again.
"Most of my money comes from drug dealers; they pay me to give the drugs out here because they can't. I make a killing." Caspian said it nonchalantly, as if none of that was a big deal.
"Why? Why would they do that no one can pay you for what you hand out here." Edmund pointed out with confusion.
"As long as I give people their drugs and recommend them for when guys go on Holiday and stuff, everything's peachy." Caspian said happily and that's when Edmund pieced some things together.
"That's how you buy what people want, your fucking loaded with drug money." Edmund found himself laughing because he thought it was shier genius. Caspian laughed to as he sat on his bed.
"Exactly." Caspian said almost wickedly and took another sip of his drink. For the first time Edmund noticed what movie was playing on the laptop. It was Batman the Dark Knight of all things, Edmund chuckled. For some odd reason he never pictured Caspian liking superhero movies.
"What?" Caspian asked with confusion, and Edmund had no problem telling him the truth.
"Didn't peg you for the superhero type." Edmund explained simply and sat down beside Caspian. Caspian then laughed and looked over at Caspian almost devilishly. It made Edmund stop breathing it was so sexy.
"Who said I like the hero?" Caspian asked with playful wink and Edmund had to remind himself to breath again.
"I like heroes, but what can I say, I love a good villain." Caspian explained with a simple shrug and Edmund had to get off this subject because all he could think about is being Caspian's villain.
"How do you get pass the cameras? How do you get to keep all this stuff in your room?" He asked casually and Caspian sighed but then smiled at Edmund.
"I've never told anyone how, but if I tell you…your mine, you can't tell anyone for as long as you live." Even though it was threat, Caspian made it sound like some sort of sexy love spell that would make Edmund want to fuck him senseless. It was too late for that though, he already wanted Caspian almost desperately.
"I'm warning you, Edmund. If I tell you, you're on my side…that's not the best place to be sometimes." That time Caspian was deathly serious and it only made Edmund want to be by Caspian's side more.
"Tell me. I have no problem sticking with a guy like you." Edmund swore and Caspian let out a small laugh but then looked at him seriously.
"I have all of the guards paid off. I own them. They do whatever the fuck I say." Caspian said it evilly and gleefully and it made Edmund want to pull Caspian to his mouth, but he didn't.
"They let me leave. They erase all the tapes I'm on and if I asked them to do the same for someone else…they would." Caspian smirked and Edmund was just in awe of Caspian. He was stunned with how beautiful he was, adored how 'bad' he was, and Edmund loved the thrill Caspian gave him right now just by sitting next to him.
"You're the only one I've told that to." Caspian said matter of factually.
"Does that make me special?" Edmund joked and Caspian laughed.
"In way yes…but it also puts you in danger of getting sent prison." Caspian warned and then it was Edmund's turn laugh.
"Trust me; I'm used to living on the edge." Edmund promised and he could tell that he Caspian were now allies.

(Chapter 3 Coming Soon!)

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