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16 November 2011 @ 09:12 pm
Title: Crossroads
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Characters/Pairing: Edmund/Caspian
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.
Summary: A rebellious Edmund gets sent to a reform school after messing up a few too many times in his life.
When Edmund meets Caspian, a boy in the school who can get his hands on anything outside the gates of the school, everything becomes a lot more interesting for Edmund. 

Rating: R
Word count: 3,713 (More to come soon)
Author's notes: This is a complete AU (Alternate Universe) and I've always wanted to try writing one.
I had this idea and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I'm still in the process of writing this and if I get a few comments I may continue to write it. :)

Edmund can't figure out what he did to land himself in reform school.

Well, he can, but still, he doesn't think he's as bad as some of the twats in his old school. Then again, those twats were his friends. Getting caught smoking marijuana was not the worst thing Edmund has done. He’s nicked a drug store for booze with his friends and that’s something his parents even knew about (Thankfully.) If they knew that, Edmund figured he’d be in Military school, in a way he knows he should feel like its just reform school. His parents are so naive, they like to call it a ‘juvenile correctional institution.’ When in fucking reality it’s a reform school where they are going to try to ‘reform’ him. Edmund thought this was always a possibility, but he always imagined getting sent for something worse then this. He always thought he would get caught on one of his vandalizing trips. Hell, he even thought he’d get in some sort of trouble for shagging some bloke on school grounds. But no, he gets caught smoking weed. Edmund feels disappointed in himself; if he was going to get caught he wanted it to be memorable.
He never planed on it being something this dull. Edmund hates that his parents aren’t letting him stay at home. It was an option, but sadly his parents figured Edmund would sneak out late at night and go hang out with his friends at the pub. Which he would, he just hated that his parents we’re getting so smart. It was so much easier when he was 13, he could get away with everything because his parents never expected it. Edmund knows the room he’ll have bloody awful, because he wasn’t allowed to bring anything to try to make it his own. He’s happy he doesn’t have to share with anyone; Edmund would not be able to deal with a roommate. He’s okay with the fact that’s it’s an all boy’s school, because, well, he’s gay, how could he mind? He was actually looking forward to that because he knew boys would be desperate to fuck anything regardless of their sexuality. Edmund wouldn’t take anyone though, he’s no whore, he has principles, he would only shag the ones he found dishy. Even though this place was going to be hell with all its rules he may find a little fun.

“Are we there yet?” Lucy, his impatient little sister asked as his whole family was driving to the reform school by the name of Crossroads academy for Juvenile boys. Edmund already decided he didn’t give a fuck and would call it Crossroads. He wondered why it was called that, there were no crossroads anywhere. It must be some shity metaphor, Edmund figures. 
“Why you having something better to do? Edmund asked dully bit with a hint of anger as his headphones blared hard core rap music. He had the I-pod turned up as high as it could go, but his family’s voices still drifted into his ears.
“Yes actually, I want to go back home and call Tom.” Lucy replied spitefully at her brother’s tone. Lucy was 13 years old, only 3 years younger then Edmund, He would turn 16 soon though; of course he would have to have his birthday in this hell whole.
“Oh yes,” Edmund commented and looked over his shoulder to Lucy in the far back seat, “Your only friend.” Edmund said with a smirk and watch his sister glare at him for a second before his older brother, Peter, grabbed him back the back of the neck and forced him to look forward.
“Get your hands off me!” Edmund growled and pushed his brother against the car door. Who just pushed Edmund off of him after a moment of struggle; they were pretty evenly matched now that Edmund was older. Peter was only 3 years older then him.
Edmund doesn’t understand why Peter and Susan (His older sister) are even here, they had better things to do, like for example college. It made no sense why they came home just to hop in the car to drive Edmund to reform school.
“Mum! Dad! There fighting again.” Susan called with annoyance from the back seat with Lucy.
“Edmund!” He’s father bellowed, as if Edmund had started this when it was Peter. “Peter is the one who-
“I don’t care!” He’s father snapped back and Edmund rolled his eyes and looked out the window. 
They weren’t even there yet and the scenery already looked shity. All Edmund saw the further they went was less, less stores, less pubs, less civilization. It did grow in ways; there were more woods, more farms, and more bad weather.
“No one answered my question.” Lucy noted and Edmund groaned.
“I pray to God we are and I can get away from you people.” Edmund said and wished he could turn the music up higher but it just wouldn’t go. 
“Aw, we love you to, Ed.” Peter said sarcastically and smiled at him. Pure annoyance struck through Edmund as he looked to his left to glare at his brother.
“We’ll be there in about 5 minutes.” Their mother informed Lucy who just sighed.
“Piss Off.” Edmund mouthed the words to Peter so his parents wouldn’t catch him; Peter just rolled his eyes and then looked out window. When they finally arrived, Edmund realized this place was heavily guarded. They had to get buzzed in so they get through steal gates. Edmund already spotted over a dozen cameras in the yard, which meant they would be everywhere inside. It was going to be hard to get away with anything. The school was huge; it looked more like a collage then Secondary School.
There were 5 brick made buildings, Edmund could only assume the largest one was for the rooms the students stayed in. The second largest one he figured was for the gym and the rest he figured were filled with class rooms. After his parents went into the main building and spoke with the headmaster privately about Edmund’s education, they stood in front of the car with the rest of his family. 
“Here’s where we say goodbye for now son.” His mother said sadly when they got out of the car. It was raining slightly and Edmund knew the down pore would start soon.
“Alright.” Were the only words he could find for his kind but strict mother who had tears in her eyes. He knew his mother well enough to know that she didn’t want to send him here, and also forbid him to come home on the weekends.
That was his entire father’s idea; she was just going along with it because she had no choice because Edmund had fucked up to many times.
“We’ll see you around Christmas.” She promised as she gave him a tight hug, he hugged her back because regardless of how mad he was he always had a soft spot for his mother. When they pull apart Edmund’s two suitcases were already sitting on the pavement.
“Be good, I don’t want to end up hearing you’ve been thrown in jail.” That was his father kind words before he gave him a quick hug.
“Alright.” Edmund said again because he had no other words for his father.
“I’ll see you around Ed.” Peter said and gave him hug because his mother wanted them all to have touching family moment before Edmund left their family.
“If you ever need me give me a call.” Peter whispered and then pulled away from Edmund who just nodded once thankfully. Peter may be pain in the arse but he was an okay brother when Edmund really needed him. He would sometimes cover for him, or come and pick him up when Edmund was in a few bad situations.
“Be safe, Edmund.” Susan said kindly and gave him a hug, Susan Edmund would miss. He would miss her because she was the one who was the most understanding and tried not be mad at him all the time. They pulled apart and Edmund eyed Lucy curiously, they hadn’t got along in a long time, but he would honestly miss bickering with her.
“Do I get a hug bye?” He asked only because his mother would want him too, Lucy sighed and walked over to give him a hug. “Don’t do anything stupid.” She told him and he laughed a little, that was Lucy’s way of saying ‘be careful.’ They pulled a part and Edmund picked his bags off of the ground and looked at his family.
He found this very strange, how they were all so willing to drop him off in this hell with their best wishes. He thought this was stupid, this school wouldn’t change him.
“Cheers.” Edmund said awkwardly to them and turned his back to them and began walking up the steps of the school. He didn’t look back when he heard his family paling back into the car.

“You’re joking.” Edmund said angrily as he stood with some stupid security guard who was informing him on what he was allowed to bring in. They were standing in the hall of the main building where Edmund discovered had the teacher’s rooms, the headmaster’s room, distention, and cafeteria inside.  
“No, your not allowed your phone, music playing devises, drugs, alcohol, anything that could bring physical pain to someone, or anything pornographic.”
The guard said dully, he held a white box in front of him expecting Edmund to give up the things that fell into that category. He didn’t have a gun, or a knife, he knew he wouldn’t be able to sneak any booze or drugs in, and he didn’t think to bring porn, but his phone and I-pod he needed. How the hell was he supposed to call his mates? Or hells even his family if he absolutely had too. His music he needed to live. It’s how he drowned the world out. It’s what he used to relax.
“How in the hell am I supposed to call my family?” Edmund snapped, only saying his family to make himself seem a bit more innocent then he was.
“You get to use a phone booth in the Cafeteria on Saturday and Sunday, for 15 minutes a day.” The guard said dully as if he said this a million times before. He probably had, just not today though, Edmund was here on a Sunday, and School would be starting first thing in the morning. Edmund was outraged; of course his parents knew about this, they didn’t tell him because they knew he would be.
“Fine.” Edmund spat angrily and pulled his phone and I-pod out of his coat pocket and threw them into the box.
“Happy?” Edmund asked rhetorically as the guard set the box on the table.
“No, not yet.” Man answered dully as he set the box down on the table beside him. He walked closer to Edmund and told him to spread his legs out so he could pat him down to search for anything he could be hiding.
“This is fucking insane.” Edmund muttered under his breath as the guy pated him up and down the way a bobby would to see if you had anything on them.
“You’re clean.” The guard said dully and Edmund stood normally again as he looked the some what overweight middle aged man. “Now, I’m required to tell you that every building is under 24 hour surveillance, so if you do anything to break the rules you will be caught on camera.”
The guard informed him with a slight satisfied smile. Edmund wasn’t stupid, the cameras were in clear view, but he figured that they were so they could be reminder to the students to behave. He knew the cameras wouldn’t be in the bedrooms though, he knew he had some rights to privacy. Edmund just nodded at the man saying he understood.
“Now, the dorm rooms are located in building 3.” The guard pointed outside and then grabbed a yellow folder off of the table and gave it to Edmund. “Your schedule, room number, room key, a copy of the rules, and map of the grounds are in there.”
The guard said and Edmund just nodded. “Dinner’s in 3 hours, if you don’t come you don’t eat, simple as that.”
He said and Edmund knew he would have to call his mate Arthur and warn him he would only be able to call on the weekends.
“Welcome to Crossroads.” The Guard said pointed at the door directing Edmund to leave.

His room number was 17 and it was on the 3rd floor. Edmund hated having to walk three flights of very long stairs and guessed he should feel lucky that he wasn’t on the 5th floor but as he walked he wondered why he hadn’t seen many guys yet. No one was outside, which only led Edmund to assume that they were in their rooms, or somewhere else. When he finally reached his room with the dull tan door and room number on it, he twisted the handle and was honestly surprised. The room wasn’t a prison cell. It was a normal room. The room’s wall’s were dark blue, they almost looked black, the floor was hard dark shiny wood, there was a desk on left side of room facing the window, drawer for his clothes, and Edmund’s bed on the right side of the room. The bed had gray covers, white sheets, and light blue pillow case. The bed was larger then he expected it looked to fit two people when Edmund expected not to fit one. Edmund thought this room was okay, it wasn’t his room back home but he thought it was livable. He placed his bags on the bed and decided to get unpacking over with. His clothes were easy to put away, he just wasn’t used to them all being so black. That was one of the rules, he didn’t have to right to wear whatever he wanted, but he could as long as the clothes were all black.He was more then thankful that he wouldn’t have to wear some stupid school uniform, but it would take some time to get use to all of the black clothing. He put his laptop on the desk and hated that he couldn’t get on the internet. The internet was only for the teachers; to even use it required a password. Edmund looked out the window; his view was of the courtyard which no one was in due to the pouring rain. Edmund hated how limited he was, he would have to find someone who knew how to get his hand on some things he needed.Those things being an I-pod, a pack of cigarettes, and maybe some alcohol and weed if he was lucky. He knew there had to be some guy that could get him that, there’s always a rat in the system. Edmund left his room and dedicated the room number to memory. When he reached the lobby he finally saw a few guys dressed in all black like him.
Once of them was bleach blond, pale skin, slim build, tall, and very smug looking, the other had brown hair, was a bit shorter, muscular, and that mysterious type look. They both looked at Edmund when he entered the room.
“Hey, new kid.” The blond one said with a smile as if he expected him. Edmund was eager to communicate; he was starting to feel like he was alone here. He also needed to find out where he could find some guy who had his hand on some forbidden things. Also, these guys were decent to look at; Edmund wouldn’t mind talking to them.
“Yeah, the names, Edmund.” He told him and walked over to the two of them who sat in chairs.
“Nice to meet you, I’m James.” The blond said and stood to shake Edmund’s hand.
“I’m Ben.” The brown haired boy said and stood to shake his hand as well but then sat back down.
“Brilliant,” Edmund said and then looked around at this big empty room, “So, where the hell is everyone?”
He asked and James laughed as he sat back down.
“It’s Sunday, almost everyone is still at home, they’ll be back by dinner though, and as for everyone else, The Gym.” James explained and Edmund thought that was extremely odd.
“The Gym? Why?” Edmund asked and Ben smiled.
“Its big place, it has an indoor pool, tennis court. Lot’s of rooms where they forgot to put cameras.” Ben explained happily. Edmund saw that as a good time to ask about where he could get what he needed.
“Hey, either you know who I could talk to about getting some stuff? Like an I-pod or a phone.” They were both already nodding before Edmund finished.
“Yeah, the guy you’re looking for is named Caspian.” James said and Edmund nodded for him to keep going.
“I think I just saw him doing laps in the pool.” Ben added.
“Great, thanks, both of you.” Edmund said and took off toward the Gym building.

When he walked into the gym there were a few boys in its lobby. They all sat in chairs, talking, laughing, and they only glanced at Edmund for a second when he walked in. Edmund walked over to the sign that showed you what room was where with arrows. Edmund only focused on the pool which was down the left hall.  He began walking down the hall at normal pace and he could already smell the clarion. He pushed the huge double doors open and size of the pull was larger then Edmund thought it would be. It took up most of the room. He could already hear someone swimming in the water and we he stepped in closer he could see him.
A tan skinned boy, black hair that went to his shoulders, and he had very strong build. Edmund hadn’t even seen his face yet but decided this guy was the best looking one here. The boy was doing the butterfly stroke and was getting to end of the square shaped pool pretty quickly. Edmund did the only thing he knew to get his attention, he cleared his throat loudly and the boy came to a stop and turned around to look at Edmund. When Edmund saw his face his breath caught in his throat, the boy had dark eyes that looked like they had a story to them. He had beautifully sculpted lips that Edmund wanted his owe in this very second.
If this was Caspian, he was the first guy here Edmund was really attracted to. Edmund realized he hadn’t spoken yet and cursed himself for it.
“Um, Hey, I’m Edmund.”
Edmund said, his voice echoed off the walls, the boy had a confused look on his face as he stared at Edmund.
“You’re new, aren’t you?” He asked his voice sounding more appealing then Edmund thought it could.
“Yeah.” Edmund answered as he watched the boy swim to the later to get out of the pool.
He watched as the boy grabbed a hold of the later and climbed out quickly. Edmund found his heart beating faster when he saw his full perfectly sculpted soaked body. He was wearing swimming trunks which Edmund hated more then anything. He grabbed a towel lying on a small table before he started walking over.
“So…naturally you’re here to ask me for something.” He said matter-of-factly but with a cocky smile that made Edmund feel like he was about to have heart attack. He now was positive this was Caspian and he was happy it was. He wrapped the blue towel around his waist as he waited for Edmund to answer.
“Well, I was told you were the guy I’m looking for. You’re Caspian, right?” Edmund asked him calmly. The boy gave him a dry laugh as he looked out at the high windows for a second and back to Edmund.
“I am, it all depends on who you are, though. Are you some prat trying to get me in trouble?” Caspian asked with a hint of anger that surprised Edmund.
“No, I’m just a guy who’s pretty desperate for an I-pod.” Edmund told him and that time Caspian laughed for real which brought a smile to Edmund’s lips.
“Their bastards for not even letting us have music.” Caspian said and Edmund nodded in agreement. Then Caspian face turned into a business like one.
“Alright, I can get you that and anything else you need by Wednesday.”Caspian said and folded his arms across his chest which made his muscles almost ripple. As distracting as Edmund found that he still kept his mind focused.
“And what do you want in return? Money? Because…they wouldn’t let us bring that either.” Edmund said matter-of-factly. Caspian shook his head. “No, just, don’t rat me out, I want you to do me a few favors if I ever need you to and if you get caught you don’t say you got it from me.” Caspian explained with a smile.
“Favors?” Edmund asked wandering what favors Caspian would need.
“Yeah, simple things, do my homework, cover for me if I’m not in a place I’m supposed to be, and anything else I could need from you. Caspian said simply. Edmund didn’t know what ‘anything else’ was but hoped it could be something that involved Caspian without those swimming trunks on. That’s why he agreed.
“Alright, you have my word.” Edmund said and Caspian smiled kindly.
“Well, Brilliant. Now, do you need anything else besides an I-pod?” Caspian asked curiously. Edmund began thinking and suggested what came to his mind.
“Yeah, a phone, some booze, maybe some weed and some cigarettes.” Edmund said and Caspian nodded as if that was easy for him to get.
“You’ll have it by Wednesday.”  He said and began heading toward what Edmund cold only assume was the changing rooms.
“I’ll give you my homework to do at dinner tonight.” He added and Edmund was only looking at his perfectly shaped back as he walked.
“Hope you’re good at Algebra.” We’re Caspian’s last words to Edmund before he walked into the changing room.

Chapter 2

magical_sid: Narnia {Ed-Heroes}magical_sid on November 17th, 2011 10:26 pm (UTC)
Hi badass-Ed, I think I like you! ;)

I never read a AU story, but this first chapter/part/whatever turned out quite interesting. I laughed so hard about this:
But no, he gets caught smoking weed. Edmund feels disappointed in himself; if he was going to get caught he wanted it to be memorable.
:D Perfect! Poor Ed just getting caught with weed and nothing more :D His whole attitude reminds me so of the little bastard from LWW - I'm curious to find out when the nice guy comes out. We all know he's somewhere inside ;)

I'm looking forward to more :)

Oh and I hope you don't mind. I found some spelling mistakes:
they had better things to do, like for example collage.
I'm quite sure you mean college, didn't you?

When Edmund meets Caspian, a boy in the school who can get his hands on anything outside the gates of the school, everything because a lot more interesting for Edmund.
maybe becomes and not because?
caycharming: Caspian/Edmundcaycullen on November 17th, 2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :) I'm so happy you liked it! :)
Haha :D I'm Happy that made you laugh. I thought it sounded funny but I had clue that I would actually make someone laugh. :)
I'm really glad your so interested I wasn't sure anyone would be. :)

Thanks for commenting! :) And I'll be writing more soon. :)

And Thank you so much for pointing those out, your a life saver. :)
I went a head and fixed them, thanks again for everything! :)
magical_sid: Narnia {Ed}magical_sid on December 3rd, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)
I thought it sounded funny but I had clue that I would actually make someone laugh. :)
It definitely was funny and fits your Edmund very well! The whole concept of your fic is a very good idea, so I'm very interested in how everything will turns out :)